Petsafe Staywell Original 2 Way Pet Door (Brown) (Small)

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- Weather resistant, self closing, see through magnetic flap that fits all walls and wooden doors. - Lockable interior barrier. - Large dogs (up to 99lb): overall size is 18.43in x 15.4in; cut out size is 14in x 12in, maximum pet shoulder width is 11.4in. - Medium dogs (up to 40lb): overall size is 13.9in x 11.6in; cut out size is 11.1in x 9.3in; max shoulder pet width is 8.6in. - Small dogs (up to 15lb): overall size is 9.3in x 7.8in; cut out size is 7.3in x 6.2in; max shoulder pet width is 5.8in. - Size:Small