Pack Anti-Age: Retinol 2% + B3 + Hyaluronic - Oily Skin (Includes Device)

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Sensitive skins have the most advanced treatments. Specific base for sensitive skin, with ingredients such as bisabolol, aloe vera, allantoin ... In addition, we have classified the assets according to their degree of softness to help you choose. The right hydration that sensitive skin needs This base is rich in oils and fats for maximum nutrition. Lightweight, fast-absorbing finish texture that melts into the skin. Super lightweight moisturizing base. Moisturizes the skin without excess fat, immediate effect. Perfect balance of moisturizing ingredients and oils. You notice the results quickly. An unbeatable and fresh texture. Product compatible with the lesielle adaptive and personalized cosmetic system. Add it to your device to benefit its properties and create your own custom cosmetic.