Interpet Aquarium Filter Cf1 (May Vary) (85 Gallons per hour)

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- Easy to install and use this internal power filter from Interpet is great for freshwater aquariums both tropical and cold water. - It uses a simple cartridge system which allows for the easiest of maintenance and excellent water clarity and healthy conditions. - Supported on a sucker mounted cradle it can be placed on the back or on the side of the aquarium making it simple to hide with suitable plants or decor. - The Biomedia creates healthy water by acting as a home for essential bacteria which remove toxic fish waster. - Mechanical Floss clears water by trapping fine waste. - The Carbon purifies water by removing dyes toxins heavy metals and odors and a unique Algae pad keeps unwanted algae away. - The CF1 Filter is for aquariums from 10 to 18 gallons in volume giving a maximum flow rate of 85 gph and using a power consumption of 3.3 watts. - Size:85 Gallons per hour