Happy Pet Products Komodo Advanced Heat Mat (UK Plug) (Black) (5.6in x 10.8in)

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- Versatile heat mat can be fixed to both the base and the side of any terrarium, and are ideal for producing gentle background heat. - Must be used in conjunction with an appropriate thermostat. - Please note that this product has a UK mains plug. - American customers will require a UK to US plug adapter to use this product (not included). - Size/wattage: 3.7in x 5.7in is a 3 Watt fitting, 28.8in x 10.7in is a 39 Watt fitting, 16.1in x 10.7in is a 22 Watt fitting, 10.8in x 10.7in is a 15 Watt fitting, 5.6in x 10.8in is a 7 Watt fitting. - Size:5.6in x 10.8in