Baskerville Classic Dog Muzzle (Tan) (Size 16)

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- This classic box design muzzle is typically suitable for dogs with narrow or long noses. - The traditional design prevents food scavenging and harmful self-licking. - Perfect for handling and grooming, protection of wounds and supervised freedom for assertive dogs. - With a padded nose for a comfortable fit and a safety guard for extra protection of scavenging. - In larger sizes it comes in wide fit format for broader nosed dogs and features an additional headstrap for stability. - Sizing guide (length x circumference): Size 1.9in x 7.4in, Size 2: 1.9in x 7.8in, Size 3: 2.2in x 8.3in, Size 4: 2.3in x 9in, Size 5: 2.5in x 10in, Size 6: 3.3in x 11.4in, Size 7: 3.1in x 12.9in, Size 8: 3.9in x 13.3in, Size 9: 4.3in x 13.9in, Size 10: 4.3in x 14.9in, Size 12: 2.3in x 13.9in, Size 13: 2.9in x 14.9in, Size 15: 2.3in x 15.9in, Size 16: 2.9in x 18.1in. - Size:Size 16