Ancol Pet Products Heritage Leather Studded Dog Collar (Red) (Size 7)

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- Dog collar. - Made from the finest quality studded bridle leather. - Comes complete with die cast fitting, making it a highly durable yet supple collar. - Sizing (width x length approx): Size 1- 0.6in x 8-10in, Size 2- 0.6in x 10-12in, Size 3- 0.6in x 11-14in, Size 4- 0.75in x 13.75-17in, Size 5- 0.8in x 15-19in, Size 6- 1in x 17.75-21.25in, Size 7- 1in x 19.5-23in, Size 8- 1in x 21-25in. - Size:Size 7