ABSTRK  Reversible Trench Jacket

ABSTRK Reversible Trench Jacket

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- The reversible jacket highlights ABSTRK's artwork on the front and back panel, while also giving a clean solid black jacket on the reversible side. The solid shell has a coated water-resistant layer, with a multi-pocket system. - Merging two powerful pieces of art, the la ciudad artwork on the front panel and the jade artwork on the back panel, the collectible jacket incorporates different techniques, stories, and identities. - Front Panel - Released in 2021, la ciudad is a c ollage of artwork full of several personalities that reference havana, cuba. The artwork highlights the cuban streets, with a cover film personality. The artwork also includes a self-portrait as well as ABSTRKS iconic vampire characters. - Back Panel - The Collage is a fun freestyle painting that includes several drawings merged together in an endlessly creative way! The vampires are mixed with past artworks too- it's not just one style or another that you'll find here; there is something for everyone to enjoy when they look through their favorite artist’s work.